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Friday, 4 November 2011

Food waste in the food supply chain: Radio Wales interview Ecostudio

Ecostudio were invited by Radio Wales to share experience on the problem of food waste that is created by food business in Wales.

The programme includes Rhys Lougher from Ty Tanglwyst Dairy, Rob Scoulding from the Co-operative, Caitlin Shepard from This is Rubbish and Iain Cox from Ecostudio. It was aired ealier today and lasts for 4 minutes.

Here's 3 reasons why this is worth listening to:

  1. it explains how small and large businesses are preventing food waste in practical and profitable ways.

  2. it illustrates how preventing food waste is a straightforward part of sustainable business.

  3. it emphasises the urgenct need for the Welsh Government to take action and help Welsh business prevent food waste.
The programme is available through Radio Wales until 11th Nov 2011 (item begins 22mins in).

After that date you can listen to it by clicking here.