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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Ecological footprinting in small and medium sized Welsh food business

Ecological footprinting is an approach advocated by the Welsh Government to measure progress towards a sustainable Wales. But is this appropriate for Welsh food business?

This work explores the commercial benefits and challenges of measuring sustainable performance in small and medium sized Welsh food businesses using Ecological Footprint, Carbon Footprint and Life Cycle Assessment methodologies.

It determines the practical steps that are needed to overcome barriers to improved sustainability measurement within small Welsh food business and recommends ways for policy makers to engage with business on sustainable development issues.

The study was part funded by the Welsh Government. It was done by Ecostudio in association with BRASS at Cardiff University. Support from the Organic Centre Wales Better Organic Business Links project was critical in illustrating the options for quantitative measurement specifically around Carbon Footprint methods.

The findings from this research will be available shortly. To find out more about practical tools and techniques for measuring and managing ecological footprint in small business please contact us