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Friday, 20 November 2009

....and the winner is...

Last night the True Taste Wales food and drink Awards took place in Abergavenney Market Hall. It is THE event on the food and drink calendar in Wales.

The Sustainable Development award was presented to Kevan Downing, Hospitality Manager of Aberystwyth University.

We're absolutely delighted for Kevan and his team and we're looking forward to working with Kevan and the True Taste to continue to raise awareness of doing better business to the food and drink sector in the year ahead. Please check back for more updates.

Find out more here.

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Ecostudio featured in the Observer Food Monthly!

Iain Cox (Ecostudio) was interviewed alongside Professor Tim Lang (Professor of Food Policy at City University London) by the Observer Food Monthly for an article titled: 'Wales leads the way to a sustainable future'.

The article describes the work that is being done to recognise Welsh businesses for their contribution to Sustainable Development. Ecostudio work in partnership with the True Taste Wales to deliver this groundbreaking award.

'Sustainability is about how the food economy works, how the supply chain works, its impact upon the material and biological environment on which the whole of humanity depends' says Professor Tim Lang.

Iain Cox explains what this means to businesses 'It's about making changes, doing business differently and it's about taking risk. It's about businesses being more innovative'

Click here to download the article in full.

Friday, 6 November 2009

Doing business more sustainably brings huge opportunities for forward thinking food and drink companies

But don't just take our word for it!
Consider the current growth in demand for local food, the recent boom in organics. Then consider how businesses are responding to this new phenomenon: take a look at the Co-operative, Innocent Smoothies, Green & Blacks and some less well known (but equally forward thinking) companies, Ty Tanglwyst Dairy, Bacheldre Mill, The Knobbly Carrot Food Company.

What do all these businesses share?
An understanding that by placing environmental ethics and social responsibility at the heart of what they do (and clearly communicating these values) can generate good PR and more sales.

Thereby creating a more sustainable business. This is where Ecostudio can help.

Monday, 2 November 2009

What does Ecostudio do?

We're often asked this question and this will all be included in our new website launching later this month - here's a summary (feel free to contact us to find out more):

We work together with business and the public sector to apply environmentally innovative and socially responsible practice in the food and drink industry.

We combine our knowledge with our client's experience of their marketplace. We work with them to ensure their business objectives are met in the most sustainable way. Our experience shows that it's better to help people make their own decisions.

Our approach is different and our results are more sustainable.