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Thursday, 7 January 2010

UK ethical products market worth £36bn!

A soon to be published report by the Co-operative Bank will show that the UK market for ethical products is valued at a cool £36bn. It also shows that the average household spending on ethical food and drink has increased from £81 to £244 over the last decade.

This is significant because as more consumers continue to recognise the benefits of purchasing environmentally sustainable and socially responsible goods it mean that smarter businesses will adapt their practices to meet this demand.

It's not all about Fair Trade. Large companies such as Tesco are also responding to meet this demand. This means that their suppliers will need to conform to new sustainability standards if they want to maintain this business.

Can your business afford to ignore this? If you have the will we have the way to help your business achieve sales in the ethical marketplace. What's more our sustainable business programmes will help equip you to embrace the challenges that the future holds.