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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Monitoring and evaluating social enterprise and community food initiatives

Sustainable development isn’t just about the environment, it’s about social responsibility and economic benefit. This is widely talked about, but when it comes to putting sustainable business into practice it can raise different challenges that requires a new set of skills.

In recent years political, academic, industry and consumer interest has grown considerably in this area which has given rise to the development of businesses with social and environmental conscience. Social enterprises are seen as way forward by enabling communities to take ownership of initiatives that contribute back.

Like any business, social enterprises need to demonstrate their benefits they provide to the communities they serve. However because these can include environmental and social benefits aswell as a financial profit the way these benefits are captured requires so much more than a profit and loss balance sheet or an environmental management system.

Over the last year or so Ecostudio have been working with leading social enterprises and community initiatives to establish sustainable performance indicators and a practical methodology for benchmarking these benefits. This has provided a straightforward way to demonstrate a social businesses contribution to a sustainable future and offers a practical way forward for planning for the future.

A feature on one of our clients will follow……please check back soon….or contact us for more info.