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Thursday, 27 October 2016

New report available: How Community Food Co-ops make a positive contribution to future generations.

Since 2004 the RRU Community Food Co-ops programme in Wales has provided healthy and affordable food to those that most need it – whilst providing much needed access to market, and a straightforward distribution for an increasing number of regional growers and local produce. 

Run as a social enterprise and volunteer led there were over 300 co-ops active across Wales in 2016. 

The programme was established with Welsh Government funding to deliver multiple policy objectives on health, poverty and rural development. It is closely aligned with the goals of the Well being for Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015. They strive to ensure their operational activities and strategic decision making is environmentally sound and socially responsible. 

Ecostudio has worked closely with the team to develop an award winning 10 point sustainability plan. This has enabled them to monitor, evaluate and improve their performance whilst demonstrating a return on investment that adds value to the community benefits that they are established to deliver.

Our report provides a summary of this work to date. It can be downloaded here.